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Synaptic Stimuli » To live a life of material simplicity and spiritual complexity
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Frank Magnotta —
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H - Avi S. Ravitzki
Q&A: Mitchell Feinberg, New York
Nina Chakrabarti
Boolean Values « Jonathan Zawada
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Benbo George
Reworks « The Strange Attractor
Sullivan Strumpf Fine Art Sydney: McGregor, Laith
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Boolean Values « Jonathan Zawada
The Shape of Design — book artwork by Frank Chimero — Creative Journal
les produits de l'épicerie - typo graphic posters
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John Newman
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Blanket Magazine » Rod Hunt
Masterpiece Max mascara: Eyes 1 | Ads of the World
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YouWorkForThem | Patterns | Carpal Tunnel 14
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112. Computing Drawing With a Vintage Pen Plotter - The Draftery
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Daniel Buren: French conceptualist responsible for that infamous modern sculpture in the courtyard of the Palais Royal | The Imagist
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April and May
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Viens, du, trys « Laikraštis "Uroboras"
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Boolean Values « Jonathan Zawada
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Definitive Touch - Men's Fashion - Part 4
Forms of Inquiry
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Roberto Calbucci
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A Journey Round My Skull: Endochondral Ossification in Knee Joint of Kitten
Flickr Photo Download: 04 Le Cellule, illus. by Peter Wyss (from Le Livre de Sante, v.1, 1967)
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dads - Rachal Duggan
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Thirty Days NY on Cool Hunting
The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music: Article
Flickr Photo Download: Garden of Enchantment by Saga Sig and Hildur Yeoman
?? ?? ?? ??, Random Access Memories - Daehyun Kim - Moonassi drawing
Lightmark | Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke | Hamburg | Germany
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